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You don't need to wake up at 5am or have a fancy morning routine to start enjoying better energy. I know how rushed mornings can be, espeically if you're trying to get kids to school. That's why I created this free guide to help you start your day feeling refreshed, energized and calm.
Help make your mornings quick & easy with these delicious high protein reciepes that will help boost your energy and focus.
Discover your unique blend of fatigue, or "fingerprint" so you can better understand which factors are making you tired. You'll learn what causes each type of fatigue, what symptoms are common and what tests to ask your doctor for.


The mini-course for women with anemia or iron deficiecny who want more energy, balanced moods and stronger hair (that doesn't fall out by the handful).
No nonsense nutrition strategies to alleviate cravings, support a healthy weight and have more energy (without following a strict diet!)
In this 90 minute mini course, you'll learn what the heck is actually happening to your metabolism in your 40's, why balancing blood sugar is key to better energy, and why cutting foods out of your diet will likely backfire and leave you tired, hungry and craving all the snacks.
Decode WTF is happening to your hormones so you can have fewer mood swings and better sleep & energy.
This is your 90 minute crash course on peri-menopause and covers everything you need to know from how to know if you're in perimenopause, what tests to ask for (and which are a waste of money), and what you can do to support your changing body.