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Nutrient Deficiencies

The Hidden Cause of Your Fatigue

Nutrient deficiencies are the #1 cause of fatigue among women and yet, they’re often hiding in plain sight!

What are Nutrient Deficiencies?

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But my doctor tested my levels and said everything was “normal”

I hear this ALL. THE. TIME. I can’t tell you how many women with “normal” iron have depleted iron stores. How is that possible?
Well, to put it bluntly: the normal reference range sucks. Too many women are falling between the cracks and not being told they are depleted because their levels are technically “normal” but could be causing fatigue, depression and hair loss.
the good news?

Wondering if you might have
nutrient depletions?

Nutrient depletions are pretty quick and easy to fix with the right dietary changes and good quality supplements. Take my Fatigue Fingerprint quiz and see if your symptoms match up with the Depleted fingerprint.

Our treatments and services for
Nutrient Deficiencies


Even if you're eating a healthy, balanced diet, it can be difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs to fix your fatigue.

Vitamin & Mineral

Taking good quality nutritional supplement can be a key part of fixing your nutrient deficiencies. The key is to take the right amount at the right time (and that's what I can help you with).

Vitamin B12

My patients love their B12 injections for a quick and easy way to boost your vitamin and energy levels quickly.

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