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We go beyond basic bloodwork to Fix Your Fatigue

I know that you've probably been told your blood work is "normal" but we'll dig deeper to examine all the possible reasons you're tired.

Our Fatigue Fingerprint Testing Includes:

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I understand that your hormones play a huge role in your health and quality of life. Whether you're sufferfing from acne, hair loss, PMS or heavy periods: your hormones are probably involved. That's why I offer hormone testing to help us better understand what's going on with your hormones and how to best help your overall hormone health.

Cortisol & Adrenal Function

Is stress having a negative impact on your health? This test measures your stress hormones cortisol and DHEA throughout the day to how your body is responding to stress and how that may contribute to your health concerns. This test is especially helpful for individuals with chronic fatigue, burnout, insomnia, or unexplained weight gain.

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